tackling health inequalities in South East Wales
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Money raised through the Health Lottery
The Health Lottery scheme manages 51 Society Lotteries that operate in rotation and each represents a different geographical region of Great Britain.

Projects funded using money raised by healthControl

Total amount raised for good causes is £1,844,825

Active Communities is a funding programme which invests in local people and groups in communities with great ideas to make their communities even better.

Organisation nameTown/CityAmountPurpose
SEF-Cymru Butetown £34,588 This new two-year project aims to build on the organisation’s existing education and training activities by providing training and opportunities for campaigns to persuade big, local employers in Butetown to commit to fair recruitment practices and reduce discrimination in employment. There will be monthly campaign days with people from the local community receiving training to help them campaign. The project will be supported by a trained Community Organiser and Neighbourhood Leadership Training provided through Cardiff University and Citizens Cymru Wales.
The Golden Oldies Caerphilly £10,056 This new 18-month project aims to enhance the activities of a local weekly group for over 55s by delivering additional outings and a Christmas lunch, giving people the opportunity for new experiences and greater interaction. Members share ideas through weekly chats and face to face discussions that shape the development of the group. Currently the group put on entertainment such as bingo and music at their weekly meet ups, and this project will see them expand and deliver excursions to cultural and historical points of interest too.
Newport People First Newport £25,689 This new two-year project aims to enable people with learning disabilities across Newport to have more choice and control over their lives. It will do this through establishing weekly planning meetings where participants can shape a larger monthly meeting with guest speakers talking about their services, workshops for people with a learning disability on speaking up and other training opportunities.
UCAN Cardiff £37,434 This new two-year project aims to deliver an extension of the organisation’s free indoor navigation app which enables blind and visually impaired people to visit theatres, in order to digitally map Cardiff Library. Users will be able to build a mental map of the Library before visiting, and also to visit the building independently by customising the app to suit their individual needs. A steering group of six young people will plan and drive the project forward; the increased accessibility to the venue will lead to the establishment of monthly meetings and activities at the library for blind and visually impaired people of all ages, with the aim of enabling them to use the app, improving their confidence in accessing the building and addressing the social isolation many experience.     
Grow Cardiff Cardiff £23,045 This new two-year project builds on a pilot and aims to establish a garden hub for people in Rumney to meet, make friends, grow, cook and eat together. Existing participants want to use the garden to reduce social isolation, support integration and increase wellbeing across Rumney.
Lee Gardens Pool Committee Rhondda Cynon Taf £20,293 This existing two-year project aims to keep the children’s swimming pool in Penrhiwceiber, Mountain Ash open. The pool reopened in 2016 after a period of closure thanks to the efforts of the local community who formed a committee. Funding for this project is aimed at keeping the pool open and running in the meantime. This will be achieved by volunteers meeting twice weekly for either planning or maintenance of the pool.
Vale People First Vale of Glamorgan  £24,942 This new two year project aims to develop a guidance tool and programme of activities and training that will support greater awareness and understanding of people with learning disabilities across the Vale of Glamorgan. Built on engagement work with existing group members, the project will continue to be led by local people with learning disabilities through regular planning meetings. The programme of activities will include holding meetings and forums, developing training sessions and workshops and a guidance tool that will be distributed to professionals in the area. The aim is to help society and decision makers be more positive about and inclusive of people with learning disabilities, and to address some of the negative perceptions that residents face as a result of their disability.
Inroads Cardiff Street Drugs Project Cardiff £33,060 This new two-year project will train 30 adult volunteers with mental health needs, including substance users/ex-users and their friends and families, from across Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan to carry out front-line evaluations of local services and provide recommendations that can ensure that improvements to these reflect the true needs of local service users. Participants will meet twice-weekly to receive support from project staff and discuss the work, and a steering group of participants also meeting weekly to lead the project. Local services will register to be evaluated by the project volunteers. The results of the evaluations will be published to inform other service users, helping them to better access the support they need. 
The Dusty Shed Cardiff £19,976 This new two-year project will see the establishment of Cardiff's first Men's Shed and will provide wood working facilities for older men in the Ely district of Cardiff. The Dusty Shed will partner with existing community organisations such as a local time bank, with the aim of also helping younger people gain practical experience in trades such as carpentry. The project will address the issues of social or emotional isolation, age and mental ill-health.
Coffee and Laughs Newport £16,915 This is an expansion of the existing activities of an interfaith friendship group for a further 24 months which will deliver 84 sessions of activity including English lessons, IT instruction, singing and arts and crafts. Beneficiaries will be women from Muslim, Hindu and Christian faiths living in a disadvantaged area around the organisation’s base in Newport. The project will address issues of general community and neighbourhood work, migrancy from other countries and social and emotional isolation. 
Alison House Youth & Play Project (AHYPP) Cwmparc £16,056 This existing two-year project will continue providing the group's twice-weekly Play Club for ages 5-15. The club will be largely run by young volunteers aged 14-21 years, supported by an experienced play team. The project has run two evenings a week for over 20 years until the funding was unexpectedly cut in July 2015 and will benefit the children and young people of Cwmparc. The issues the project will address are social or emotional isolation, poor physical environment and general community and neighbourhood work.
Cardiff People First Cardiff £47,688 This new two-year project will deliver 158 sessions of activity including planning meetings, workshops and training sessions to enable people with a learning disability living in Cardiff to influence decisions and policy development on issues which affect their lives. The project will address issues of learning disability and social and emotional isolation.
Steps4change Cardiff £28,734 The new one-year project aims to deliver a range of creative and physical activities including storytelling, swimming, dance and yoga classes for 50 older residents from Black and Minority Ethnic communities in the Butetown docks area in the south of Cardiff city, Wales. The target participants in the area will come from different ethnic minority groups and represent the African, Afro-Caribbean, Asian and Arab communities. The issues it wishes to focus upon are social or emotional isolation, general community and neighbourhood work and age.
The Parent Network Fochriw £30,155 This new 18-month project will engage people of all ages from the rural village of Fochriw in South Wales in the production of an art installation made from local wool. The artwork will showcase intergenerational stories, enhance community cohesion, and improve understanding of the social and cultural heritage of the community. It aims to address issues of social or emotional isolation, low educational attainment and general community and neighbourhood work. 

Arts Alive Wales

Abergavenny £38,399 This two-year project develops an existing idea and will run creative arts and crafts groups for young people experiencing mental ill-health, including homeless young people, in Abergavenny and surrounding villages.  The proposed activities will provide respite and fun, support recovery and resilience, and offer skills development within a safe and inclusive environment.
Caerphilly Miners Centre for the Community Caerphilly £21,000 This new two-year project aims to recruit, train, support and sustain new volunteers to deliver a monthly programme of social and educational activities for local people of all ages living in Caerphilly, Wales. The project aims to support local people to explore new horizons, make connections, gain experiences, learn new things and have fun. The project has been designed and will be developed and delivered by local people.
Telecentre And Business School Ltd Porth £34,784 This new two-year project aims to support the existing Port Men’s Shed and Port Women’s Shed to continue taking ownership of their respective groups, which were established to provide a space for people to meet in order to enable them to come together and make new friends. The management committees of both sheds will be supported to build their capacity in order to become self-sustaining community groups, that will eventually become Charitable Incorporated Organisations. TABS will work with Community Development Cymru (CDC) through a recognition scheme to accredit the work that participants undertake in the shed. 
The Disability Advice Project Ltd Torfaen £39,594 This new two-year project aims to create opportunities for parents of disabled children living in Torfaen, Wales, to come together to share experiences, learn from each other, decrease social isolation and improve their health and well-being through the development of self-sustaining local groups. Participants will shape the structure of activities and lead decision-making through a project steering group.
The Intersensory Club Vale of Glamorgan £18,800 A two-year project is the development of a previously funded idea that will deliver weekly adaptive cycling sessions for wheelchair users of all ages and their families/carers from Barry in the Vale of Glamorgan from March-September each year. The project increases the sustainability and reach of this previously volunteer-led group through the employment of a Project Manager. Participants remain in control of session structure and directly feed into the development of the project. 
Motion Control Dance

Vale of Glamorgan

£11,817 This new two-year project was developed from a pilot in 2015. Through weekly sessions the project will deliver dance sessions for adults with disabilities in the Vale of Glamorgan, a Welsh borough with a mainly rural population where is no other provision for such activity. The weekly dance sessions will enable participants to make new friends, be active and develop their confidence and skills. Members will learn from professional dance tutors as well as from each other as they will be an integral part of the creative process each week. Dancers will also perform their work at local community events.
The Fern Partnership Cwmaman £33,021 This new two-year project aims to develop opportunities for older and younger generations in Cwmaman. The project will enable people to share their experiences through a befriending service, participatory storytelling, games and educational activities that aim to reduce isolation and raise awareness of the challenges that people of different ages face in the area. The idea was developed through discussions with residents of care homes/day centres and secondary school pupils. A community steering group will be established to ensure that participants and the wider community remain in charge of the project.
Channel View
Tenants and Residents Association
Cardiff £24,900 This new two-year project aims to enable the organisation to develop a body of active citizens to lead community engagement through Citizen UK’s Community Organiser scheme. 
Full Circle Education Solutions C.I.C. Cardiff £17,520 This two-year project based on a smaller scale pilot aims to recruit and support a group of young women in the Rumney/Trowbridge area of Cardiff to develop and publish a magazine. 
Llanhilleth Miners Institute Llanhilleth £25,574 This two-year project is based on a project run by the applicant in the year to August 2014 which saw the creation of a Heritage Centre and a Heritage Group consisting of local residents. The project will be based in Llanhilleth and bring the community together to take part in a variety of creative learning activities using local heritage as a theme.
Maindee Action Group (MAG) Maindee £1,944 This new eleven-month project aims to turn a neglected area of green space into an amenity for people living in the neighbouring streets. The aspiration is to involve local people in all aspects of the scheme from design through to delivery. The project is in response to the fact that Maindee has the least green space in Newport and the group wants to redress this whilst also empowering the local community to self-determine local improvements. 
Smile Barry £16,500 This two-year scheme is the development of an existing project that has been running in Barry since April 2013. It is a peer support group which fills a gap in service for those who have mental health problems who may not be able to access statutory health services and also for their carers. The group offers social and practical support to help members build confidence, create social networks, and better manage their mental health. The intention is to expand the group and increase its capacity to become self-running and self-sufficient.
Torfaen People First Torfaen  £38,126 This two-year project is the development of an existing drop-in centre for people with a learning difficulty in Torfaen. The project will provide a weekly Over 50s Club for people with a learning disability so that they can spend time in age appropriate activities and meet with their peers in a relaxed and informal setting. Participants will decide activities which may include arts and crafts, digital literacy, healthy eating, and researching local heritage. 
Trealaw Village Trust Ltd Trealaw £34,300 This one year programme is based on a successful pilot. Trealaw Village Trust will provide craft activity sessions for local people from the village of Trealaw with the aim of establishing a small social enterprise. The intention is that learning new skills of craft and making will increase motivation and raise aspirations amongst the community. 
The Willowbrook
Tenants Assocation
Newport  £12,617 This new 18-month project aims to encourage older people to become more active. The project will be based at the Willowbrook sheltered housing complex in Newport and addresses:social or emotional isolation, mental ill-health, and age.
Abergavenny Community Enterprise Abergavenny £38,480 This new two-year project aims to establish a cycle maintenance programme for children and young people which will include hands-on tuition for cycle repairs. The scheme will operate from the ACE Partnership building in Monmouthshire and the estate it is on. The aim is to improve the cycle maintenance skills of local children and to encourage them to use their bikes more.
South Wales Neighbourhood
Watch Association Cardiff
Llandeyrn £24,600 This new two-year project aims to identify, recruit and train volunteer Neighbourhood Community Organisers covering every street in Llanedeyrn (a disadvantaged area of around 3,500 households) to build Neighbourhood Watch teams in their areas and get them active on community issues beyond crime. The aspiration is also to connect them with other institutions in the community and thereby build a local alliance which is then able to strategise, take public action and negotiate for change.
Ferndale Skatepark Ferndale £17,957 This new two-year project is focussed on the re-design of the skate park and improving the standards and skill development for beginners and accomplished young people of the park from Ferndale and Maerdy areas.
Newport BME Over 50s Group Newport £11,320 This new two-year project aims to provide a range of recreational activities for older BME people.
Plant Bach @ Penydaren Merthyr Tydfil £28,725 This existing two-year project aims to continue to provide a regular playgroup and parent and toddler group for families on low incomes in the Merthyr Tydfil North area.
Arts Alive Wales Abergavenny £36,350 To run two weekly sessions over the course of two years. The project centres around a creative art and craft programme for 40 disadvantaged women in North Abergavenny to help them recover from trauma, regain confidence and re-engage with society.
Bargoed Yoga Group Bargoed £10,000 To offer an accessible yoga class to enable older people in Bargoed, Wales to take their health and well-being into their own hands so that they are in charge of making positive changes that will help improve their lives.
Bedlinog After School Club Bedlinog  £10,100 To provide after-school activities for children in the community, whose parents are returning to or seeking work or education in Bedlinog in Wales.
Blaenllechau Youth Project Blaencllechau £26,667 To provide good quality youth & play provision within Blaenllechau and Ferndale for young people aged between five and twenty-five years.
Friends of Pentre Gardens Cardiff £15,785 To provide monthly play and planting session for families and individuals living around the Pentre Garden over two years.
The CoStar Partnership Cwmbran £37,260 To develop a programme of four two-hour sessions each week for two years to provide food and a befriending and signposting service to 100 regular participant individuals/families that are in crisis or are experiencing ongoing hardship in Cwmbran in Wales.
Yogamobility Cardiff £15,360 A new two-year project to run weekly two-hour yoga sessions for older people with disabilities living in sheltered housing in the Fairwater area of Cardiff.
Maindee Festival Association Newport £10,000 Youngsters will improve the gardens of elderly residents in Victoria, Newport in an inter-generational outdoor activity.
Cylch Meithrin Glynrhedyn Arts Ferndale £17,280 Delivers pre-school sessions and an afternoon mother and toddler group in Ferndale, Rhondda Cynon Taff.
Adamsdown Arts Association Adamsdown £20,878 Provides workshops in Adamsdown to bring local communities together through art.
Made in Tredegar Tredegar £13,962 Supports the creation of four short films about living in a deprived area of Tredegar. The films will be shown at a community event later in the year.
Community Health Advice and Training   £9,985 Provides assistance for people with mental health problems.
RCMA Social Enterprise Ltd Cardiff £25,000 To train volunteers from the Riverside ward of Cardiff how to grow and cook fresh vegetables to create an edible community garden.

Set up to address smaller and individual health and wellbeing issues that affect communities within our region, where getting the detail right really matters.

Organisation nameTown/CityAmountPurpose
The Intersensory Club Barry £8,000 Provide specialist cycling equipment to enable severely disabled wheelchair users and their families and carers to access cycling activities within the community.
Trealaw Village Trust Trealaw £8,260 The project will promote healthy lifestyles that will help improve the health and well-being of people in Trealaw by providing opportunities for physical activity as well as healthy eating sessions and a health awareness open day.
Horn Development Association Blaenau Gwent £9,634 Provide a service to people of Blaenau Gwent with palliative needs by providing monthly therapy clinics for people with chronic illnesses such as cancer. Activities include reflexology, acupuncture, aromatherapy, yoga, spinal manipulation, and shiatsu and lymph drainage.
Valleys Healing & Life Blaenau Gwent £9,780 Provide a service to people of Blaenau Gwent with palliative needs by providing monthly therapy clinics for people with chronic illnesses such as cancer. Activities include reflexology, acupuncture, aromatherapy, yoga, spinal manipulation, and shiatsu and lymph drainage.

Larger good causes partners who can have the greatest and most immediate impact. These initiatives are not supported by NHS funding.

Organisation nameTown/CityAmountPurpose
Mind   £47,014 Support activities for disabled people and families of disabled children, who experience significant barriers to inclusion, independence and participation.
Carers Trust   £46,855 To support carers and ensure they are making health choices about their own lives as well as the person they are caring for.
Mencap   £33,131 Extend the Gateway Club network and Gateway Awards programme, and help to improve the health, well-being and social inclusion of young adults.
Scope   £44,190 Support activities for disabled people and families of disabled children, who experience significant barriers to inclusion, independence and participation.
Youth Sports Trust   £43,750 Support sports in schools and ensure health education is embedded into club activities and act as a catalyst to promote the wider health agenda in schools.
The Conservation Volunteers   £27,932 Offer outdoor physical activity and participation in community-based environmental projects as part of an active group taking part in outdoor tasks.
Mencap   £31,030 Extend the Gateway Club network and Gateway Awards programme, and help to improve the health, well-being and social inclusion of young adults.
Carers Trust   £42,275 To support carers and ensure they are making healthy choices about their own lives as well as the person they are caring for.
Sustrans   £43,357 Increase levels of activity in everyday exercises - such as walking and cycling - among young people and those in areas of high health deprivation.
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